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An day in the life at the Prints and the Potter art gallery

The Prints and the Potter art gallery opened its doors in summer 1974, and has been displaying and curating U.S-made and local art for the Worcester community ever since. Every day, Norman Ringdahl, the owner and framer at the Prints and the Potter Gallery, comes in at 10:00 a.m to start his day, producing beautiful, artisanal framework to grace your walls.

An average day in the life at the Prints and the Potter art gallery starts by turning all of the lights on. At Prints and the Potter, we have a variety of handmade lamps from Loten Lamps on display, and these help keep our gallery home-y. All of the lights in the jewelry cases also come on, sparkling over dazzling Michael Michaud, Marjorie Baer, and other local, handmade pieces.

Frequently, there will be an order to unbox, biodegradable packing peanuts and tissue paper removed to reveal deep earth-toned pottery from Ray Pottery or bright blues and greens from the Winegar potters. These pieces accompany the various prints, ornaments, cutting boards, and picture frames displayed around the store.

Finally, we get our first customers in! Norman stands behind the counter, guiding customers through the process of custom framing to acheive a truly awe-worthy result. Christine crunches numbers, and Norman works through the process of designing your perfect frame.

Madonna works tirelessly, arranging displays to draw in curious faces. Glassware, woodwork, and pottery blend seamlessly within her designs, organizing the store and the windows into beautiful arrangements. Abbie (me!) disappears behind the computer, whipping up social media posts, emails, posters and website content.

Come in today to see us in action!

Lizzie Abelson painting of a snowy forest
A Lizzie Abelson original, available in store!


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