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Lizzie Abelson

Lizzie Abelson's current body of work is an evolving exploration of unpeopled open spaces on an intimate scale. With a newly narrowed and localized focus has come an enhanced search for sense of place. Nearby fields, woods, and waters have taken the stage and the process of painting them has become, more than ever, both a form of meditation and of escape. Lizzie has come to the gratifying realization that her works, without any conscious effort, have slowly over the years, and through a procession of disparate styles, come full circle back to a place where they now vaguely resemble the old landscape paintings that once hung on the walls of her childhood home. The scenes she is drawn toward are those which most strike a nostalgic and personally sentimental chord - subtly wild, marginally untamed, and comfortably familiar. A Connecticut native, Lizzie graduated in 1993 from the Rhode Island School of Design with a B.F.A in painting. She lives in Boylston,


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